Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In The Beginning

Many thoughts vie for an outlet, but, as any parent learns, it is best to start out as you intend to go on. So... I intend for this to be a place to share my creative works. I'd like to be able to settle on a theme, but my attention wanders. I delve into a project, or a technique, with all my energy. For a time, everything leads to my current obsession. Then something else catches my eye and I have to try it. Current projects are tucked away in the plastic bins to make room for new projects. Once in a while, an idea sticks in my head. If it's not too large a project, it may even get finished.

This first picture is one of those projects that I was driven to finish. It's a crazy quilt cover for my Bible. I made the pattern by tracing the outline of the Bible onto the muslin that became the foundation. The back has two large pieces of jacquard fabric with simple thread seam treatments. The front has a variety of floral motifs and seam treatments to go with the nature colors. The little angel charm was a leftover bit I found at the annual tag sale at my church. I added the frog charm for my daughter and the dragon bead for my son. The whole thing is finished with a flannel lining. An earthy floral cotton print was used to make sleeves to hold the cover on the Bible. Silk ribbons were sewn along the center of the top, to be used as bookmarks.