Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An idea from a failure to follow through.

No pictures today, just an idea. One of the forums I read had a challenge recently. It involved making a padfolio from this tutorial and changing the flap to use it as a design element. I gathered the supplies, but never chose the main fabric and finished the challenge. I was really wanted to do it because it was the first challenge for this forum and these could make cute little gifts. I still want to make a padfolio, but looking at the two yards of double sided fusible peltex (I had a coupon so I had to get extra), a new idea struck. I could adapt this technique to make book for my little angel. I've been thinking about making her a book with fabric and textures and flaps and velcro and cords and such. She enjoys these things and loves books. I wasn't sure how to put it together, but I think this method could work. It would also add structure to the pages like a board book. I'm getting excited about this project so watch for updates.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A new hobby...

as if I need another hobby. I go to a craft group once a week, mostly for the coffee and girl talk. It's also a playdate for my little angel. Another mom brings her daughter that is a couple months older and the girls get a little baby socializing. A couple weeks ago we started making beaded jewelry. It was fun, so last week I thought I would make a set to wear with my outfit for Pentecost. I made the top last year and the neckline is much lower than I had planned. It's a great summer top, but it needs jewelry. So I searched the craft shops for just the right beads. Many of the beads didn't make the final cut. I still have to finish off the earrings and string up the bracelet, but this is what I came up with for the necklace. Not too bad for a first try at designing jewelry. I ended up not making the meeting and just *had* to go out and buy the tools. Now I'll just *have* to get more beads and make more jewelry to put the tools to good use, right?

My angel got so excited when she saw the camera, I had to get a picture of her too.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Class Block Update

Today's seam turned out so well, I'd like to say it was planned this way. It wasn't, it was simply a matter of being determined not to give up on it. I wasn't happy with the silk ribbon attempt at grapes, but I hate to take anything out. It's just such a waste of time and materials. I had originally used 2mm silk ribbon. I meant to use 4mm, but was a good way into it before I realized that I picked up the wrong size. So instead of loose grape bunches, I ended up with these tight little knots of blah. The vine was done with two strands of linen floss in a palestrina stitch. You can see the original seam in a previous post. It was sparse and blah. So now that I've come to the beading phase, I thought I'd try adding some beads to try to save this poor pitiful seam. I didn't take anything out, just added the beads right over the ribbon knots and let them flow down into grape bunches. The ribbon knots give added dimension under the beads. I was so happy with the result, I added some hand dyed pearl cotton leaves and tendrils. The leaves are oyster stitch. The tendrils are loose, multi-wrap French knots. I used the same thread to whip the palestrina stitch vine. The added thread and variations in color give the vine a bit more body.