Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Start on the Curtains

Lately, most of my sewing time has been taken up with making curtains. I've had the fabrics sitting around for months and finally found the motivation to just sit down and work on them. I started with the sheers because they were simpler. I needed the quick accomplishment to keep the momentum going. Nothing fancy there, only a casing with an extra line of stitching to make the top ruffle. The selvages provided a nice edge to the sides, so I left them. I still have to do the hem. That requires sitting on the floor with mass quantities of pins, definitely a step to be done while the baby is napping. I may have to go shopping and make a couple more panels for the sides. With the location of the hooks to hold up the extra long rod, the gathered sections aren't even. Kirk likes it, and I'll live with it for now, but it will eventually bother me.

Originally, I bought insulated panels for the living room. The first one I opened had a huge flaw in it. I didn't bother with the rest. I just returned them and decided to make my own. The purchased panels were the same color, chocolate brown, but they were a plain fabric. The fabric I'm using is an embroidered linen with an insulated lining fabric. Again, I still have the hems to do, and also the ties. I was planning on doing all four panels the same, tying them up at the top during the day with ribbons and loops on the back. Kirk wants to tie the panel on the side window and those on either side of the picture window to the side and only tie the center panel on the picture window up. We'll have to experiment with it. The important thing is that the dark panels are easy to open during the day. They block almost all of the sunlight. I need sunlight, especially during the shorter days of winter.

Monday, September 29, 2008


This photo is from the beginning of September, but it was still in the camera, another day of harvest.