Monday, November 24, 2008

Knit socks?

I'm learning to knit socks. Well, there's not much learning. It's just following a pattern. I have no idea why I'm knitting socks. I have the yarn. It takes up very little space. It can be done while the baby plays. Lots of my other hobbies require more space and have sparkly bits the baby likes to get into. This is easier.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stocking Bit

Free handed stem stitch sewn with DMC variegated perl cotton.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween Crafts

Front and back of the little bag I made for Miranda. She was delighted that I made it just for her. The front was colored with regular Crayola crayons. Then, it was ironed to set the colors and remove the wax.

I never did find a witch for my wreath. We painted little wooden signs at another group meeting. I tucked mine into the wreath. It'll do quite nicely until I find a witch.

Friday, November 07, 2008


I am lost without my camera. The last time I used it was a couple of weeks ago. I photographed Miranda playing with her birthday present from her Nana and Papa. I remember setting the camera down with thoughts of downloading those pics. Kirk was using the computer, so I tucked the camera away where Miranda wouldn't get it. At least, I think I did. Either that or Miranda got it first. I'm not sure which would create more difficulty in finding it. So far my search has turned up:

  • several scrunchies and various other hair ornaments
  • stack of patterns, including the overalls and jacket patterns I planned to make for Miranda
  • lost cell phone that has since been replaced
  • missing screw driver
  • tin of pins
  • one of my winter gloves
  • the old planner that still has my only list of important telephone numbers

I have projects to share, too. Miranda's halloween bag turned out cute and she loves it. I never found a witch for my wreath, but I added a little sign that was cute. The shirt to go with Kirk's kilt turned out really nice. I've been working on my BJP pieces. I'm doing a series of ornaments. Speaking of ornaments, holiday crunch time is here. I have my stockings out and am channeling all the stitching mojo I can. They will be done and ready for hanging by December 1st - this year! I'm, actually, not far from that now.

Now, to find the camera (which may require copious amounts of cleaning and organizing) or stitch?