Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stocking Detail 10

The base for the toe seam is buttonhole stitch sewn with one strand of gold metallic floss. I laced this with two strands of red metallic floss. I don't really follow any instructions for lacing. I just weave the needle here and there until I find a design I like at the time. Caron watercolors is a nice variegated thread that I used for the pistil stitches in groups of three.
I used a shisha mirror, the craft store version,
on the toe patch. I secured the mirror with a detached buttonhole net in gold cotton pearl. Around the mirror, I added two rows of seed beads.

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JoWynn Johns said...

I have very much enjoyed seeing the stocking details. Thanks for posting them. Lots of good ideas, especially the frog on the lily pad.