Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stocking Detail 2

Three seams make up the toe area. On the far left, I used a strand of red rayon thread with a strand of gold metallic thread to do buttonhole stitches with alternating bar lengths. With only the red thread, I added French knots to the shorter buttonhole stitches. To the longer buttonhole stitches, I added a pistil stitch flanked by detached chains.
The seam on the right is a variation of feather stitch done in black. I received the thread in a swap, so I'm not sure what it is. It's not really metallic, but not soft like floss. It feels a bit like nylon, but it frays. Along the feathers are French knots done with two strands of rayon thread, each a different shade of green.
The horizontal seam is closed feather stitch done with a pearl thread. Gold seed beads accent the seam.

And since he doesn't make for much of a detail on his own, here is a close up of the little cat charm above the last seam.

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