Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stocking Detail 5

This is the area near the heel of the stocking. I patched this stocking by hand like a puzzle. The patches in this area were rather small. There is an article about hand patching by J. Marsha Michler in the current issue of CQMagOnline.com. It's worth reading whether you are new to crazy quilting or are an old pro who has yet to try out hand patching.

While I wanted all the seams embellished, I didn't want these tiny patches to stick out too much. With this in mind, I used a single strand of metallic floss in red to blend in. I did a double feather stitch seam all around the edge of froggie's patch that wasn't covered by the black trim. I accented this seam with pairs of gold seed beads surrounded by a detached chain which was anchored with a pistil stitch.
There are two bows tacked on, one a green ribbon.The other bow is another cheap plastic glittery one, this time gold. Between the bows is a simple closed feather stitch seam done in a green pearl thread, repeated from the toe area. A simple chevron stitch seam, done in red to blend in, finishes of the curve of the heel.

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