Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stocking Detail 9

This motif started with buttonhole wheels of various sizes, all done with rayon floss. Around each wheel are detached chains, also done with rayon floss. All other added stitching was done with two strands of Caron waterlilies silk floss.
The wheel on the far left was whipped in a loose spiral shape with the threads going under the spokes. There are French knots in the center.
Reversed buttonhole bar was done on the next wheel. Sharon gave this stitch for her Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge a few weeks back. Instead of adding a single round of stitches to the outer part of the wheel, I started in the center and continued going around until the wheel was full.
The middle wheel has French knots in the center.
The next wheel has detached chains between each spoke.
The last wheel was whipped with the threads going over the bars.

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