Saturday, December 08, 2007

Stocking Detail 17

Thank you all for the recent comments. It's nice to know my readers are enjoying this series as much as I am.

This is the cuff area of my son's stocking. His name is a hand dyed silk tweed yarn, couched on. It was odd using the nickname here as I only call him by his full name, although recently I've started referring to him as "the brother".
The diagonal seam to the right is the palestrina stitch sewn with silk/cashmere yarn with a strand of rayon floss. For a time, palestrina was a favorite stitch and appeared on all of my projects. Along the spokes are French knots in two strands of waterlilies silk floss. Along the cuff side are oyster stitch flowers in #5 cotton pearl. Red metallic pistil stitches form the centers. The leaves are detached chains done first with black silk/cashmere yarn and then with blue rayon floss over the black. There are three little gold metallic straight stitches in between each flower.
The left diagonal seam is cretan stitch done in Caron watercolors pearl thread over Portuguese knotted stem stitch in three strands of metallic black thread. There are detached chains and French knots in red rayon floss and detached chains in gold metallic floss. There are more French knots in rayon floss, blue and olive combined. In between the knot clusters are Ermine stitches in rayon floss, a darker blue that somewhat blends into the background but adds a hint of something to make you look closer.
The chained vine to the left is more silk/cashmere yarn dyed with the same colors as the yarn for the name. It's interesting to dye different fibers together and see how different they take the colors.
A dragon charm makes his home in the middle of everything.

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Susan said...

I love your dragons on this stocking! They look great, even if they aren't traditional. It's what he enjoys and you've made beautiful stitching on here.