Monday, December 10, 2007

Stocking Number Three

This is my husband's stocking. Green is his favorite color. I wanted it to be Christmasy, but not too much, and elegant. The embellishments are primarily green and gold with some black. In one patch, there is a Christmas reindeer charm with a gold running stitch flight path. In another patch, there is a painters palette charm because my husband is an artist. And in another patch, there are charms of a heart and a key, because he holds the key to my heart.
Since I was working with a very limited palette, the variety of threads I had to use was also very limited. As we go through the details, you may notice that I combined threads in the needle to create more variety than what I had to start with. I did this on all of the stockings, but it was more necessary on this one.

I hope you are enjoying this series as I am getting a lot out of examining past projects. It is providing a greatly needed boost to my creativity while I am highly stressed buying my first house and heaped with fiber projects I can't seem to focus on.

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Susan said...

This stocking is my favorite so far. It *is* very elegant looking! I'm enjoying seeing these, very much.

Focus on your house, and the fiber projects can take a backseat until all that is settled. =) They aren't going anywhere!