Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Chatter & a Quilt

Blogging is likely to be sporadic for the next couple weeks. I have posted all the stocking details I have already sewn. I have more to do and plan to blog the finishing process also. Time is not really abundant right now. We thought we made it to the home stretch for buying our first home, and then we met with the lender this morning. There is a list of repairs, albeit minor, that need to be done before we close and the seller is unwilling to do anything more. We're going to take another look tonight and see what we can do. This is just another obstacle to overcome. When we actually own a home, I'm sure there will be many more situations to deal with. So this is just practice.

I'm still percolating thoughts for the Take it Further challenge. I've come to the realization that my ideas are more suitable for another slow cloth type project than something that can be accomplished in the time frame alotted. I'm toying with the idea of adding a personal challenge, say making smaller projects that can be completed each month. This may seem obvious, but ideas for smaller projects are more challenging for me. I'm considering sticking with the admiration concept and spending the rest of the month working on a quilt that I started for my husband, the object of my admiration. It's a traditional quilt that I designed with his help a few years ago. I have it well started, but not nearly close to completion. I created a Celtic knot pattern with four interwoven parts. Along all the edges I have begun sewing on the black bias strips - by HAND. I don't know what I was thinking. If I ever make another, I will probably use the sewing machine more. I have almost one panel done. The design is worked around a square. I need four panels, plus the corner bits added after mitering the background strips together. I don't want the center square competing with the knotwork for attention, so I have chosen a solid tan fabric. On the tan, I plan to use thread to match the brick red fabric and do another Celtic design with the quilting stitches. Same for the wide outer border.

My other idea is to use this month's color scheme and make something small. I thought of doing crazy quilt postcards, but don't know if I could actually mail them. I'm also toying with the thought of making a comfort doll. I've been wanting to join in making comfort dolls and just haven't done it yet. The project seems to be going very well.

On another note, I've now been nominated for the You Make My Day award by both Candi and Gerry. I am now supposed to nominate another ten bloggers. Many of the blogs I read regularly have already been tagged. Off the top of my head I can think of several: Sharon B, Elizabeth, Allie, Candi, Gerry, Jo, Carol-Anne, Melissa, Sue, LinMoon, Pam Kellogg, Robin, Ruth, Annie, Tenar, Debra, and the list could go on. There are many, many more in my reader. Take a look and they may inspire you as well.

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Susan said...

The Celtic design is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the whole thing, with the tan center. I, too, haven't made a comfort doll yet, though I would like to. I'm not much of a doll maker and they all look so beautiful, but so beyond me! You could make the postcards just for you, not for mailing.