Thursday, February 15, 2007

Round Robin Stitching

I've been catching up on some round robin stitching this week. The first photo is Annette's block. I did the floral silk ribon motif and a seam with a combination of stitches: herringbone, chevron, detatched chain, oyster, and French knots.

The next photo is a seam I did on Toni's block with French knots, detatched chains and pistil stitches added to overlapping chains. The last photo is also stitching I did on Toni's block: a chevron seam with gold straight stitches going around a corner and a paisley motif done with beads, knots, detatched chains and a couched braid.


rleestevens said...

Hi, Sweetie... your embroidery is beautiful. Your talent surpasses mine. It would be an honor to possess any piece of your work. Have you gotten your stockings finished yet? Can't wait to see them hanging. Love you...

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work, honey.
It would be great to see some up close and personal. Bring some with you when you come for Cassi's reception in June. Have to go look at the rest. Great pictures too. Love Grandma W.