Sunday, March 11, 2007

CQ Class Update

Hi. My name is Kate and I am a fickle stitcher.

Ok. So that may not warrant a 12 step program, but there it is. I work in batches and I jump around from one project to another. I'm okay with that. It irritates the heck out of my husband how many projects I have started, but hey, he loves me. As long as I am devoted to only him, he can live with how many projects I have on the side.

While I was looking for trim for my first class block and thinking it just wasn't coming together for the encrusted look, these two stepped up. The pink block is ready for stitching. The lace and braids are sewn on. The tatting and pink flower lace are not sewn yet. The flower will likely be layered over stitching done to the gold braids.

The lace on the blue block is not sewn down yet, but it is mostly set where it will go. The only thing I haven't decided on yet is the one seem on the bottom that may have the dark blue ribbon, the white motif, or both. Also, the dove has taken up temporary residence, but may move depending on what gets added around the angel print. The whitish looking fabric is not quite as high a contrast as it looks. It looks white in the pictures, but is actually a pale blue shimmery fabric. I can see this block stitched and trimmed with blues, aquas, white, and lots of yellow accents.

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dawnkristine said...

I love the bright colored one!