Sunday, March 11, 2007

CQ Class Update

I've been playing with different laces and trims for my class block. Nothing is sewn on yet. I can't decide which arrangement I like best or even whether to leave some of it off. After the first round of playing with trims, this block just didn't seem right for the encrusted look with what I had on hand. Then I started finding odd bits tucked here and there while I was looking for other odd bits.

The doily is one of those odd bits. I made it with pearl cotton a while back to use as a coaster. The black lace I don't know about. The bottom left patch has all those black speckles and looks out of place, so I was trying the lace. My artist husband doesn't like it, but I think he sees it as it is. Whereas, I see it as a possible layer within the finished piece. I can see it toning down the polka dot feel I get from the black speckled fabric while also adding bits of black stitching and beads elsewhere on the block. Maybe also trading in the motif next to it for a cluster and trail of cream buttons and beads with a few wine bits tossed in. Or it may just get left out. It will probably get left out. I later found that narrow bit of wine trim that I like across the speckled fabric and it fits with the plan I came up with in my last post.

The cream motif towards the middle could easily be swapped for a bead trailing button cluster. The sheer ribbon could work with my trailing silk ribbon floral or grape vine. Although I'm not sure if red grapes would contrast enough over the darker patches and they might look spoiled if they were too light. Florals are proabably better there. SRE over the doily would prabably be too dimensional to fit the rest of the block. The doily is crocheted with size 5 pearl cotton. I wonder if it would work layered over the eyelet piece instead of the tatting in the upper left. I didn't try that.

So much to try and so little time.

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