Friday, April 27, 2007

Beading on the Class Block

I made time to stitch yesterday and have started beading on the class block. I've added sead bead centers to the little bullion flowers. Itty bitty metallic pink beads tack down the buttonhole swag in the upper left without adding more color or detracting from the flowing stitch. Tiny 2mm cup sequins with the same pink beads add a bit of glitz to the lace in the lower right. Frosted pink flower beads were added to the buttonhole wheel seam and a round gold bead was added to the center of each of the white cast-on stitches along the lower left seam. Still more beads to add as well as butterflies and buttons.


NormaH said...

This is exquisite. I've just begun adding more beading to my cq and your work is very inspirational!

Mom said...

Love the grapes! My mother was jealous of my work, always said how great it was. Now your mother is jealous of your work, is beautiful, wish I could do as nice. I think your grapes turned out better than you planned.