Friday, October 19, 2007

Blue CQ Details, TAST

I've worked a bit more on my blue crazy quilt block. With so much going on, I am just not dedicated to one project at a time. Crazy quilting is nice to work on a bit here and there to relax between other projects. These blocks also take longer because I have no finished project in mind for them. They simply exist to enjoy the process. When I finish enough blocks, I'll figure out what to do with them.

This first detail shows my variation on the linked chain stitch. This was a TAST stitch a couple of weeks ago. I probably should have started
with the actual stitch, but I'll get around to that sooner or later. When I read through the original TAST post describing this stitch, I kept thinking it might be interesting with an extra chain. So my version has the twisted chain alternating with a set of three chains.

This next detail includes the twisted satin stitch. I started with straight stitches in yellow cotton pearl #5. Then I added the twist stitch with a light brown silk thread that is much thinner. I like the effect in this spot, but if I use this stitch again I will try it with pearl for both parts of the stitch.

The last detail shows a seam with different stitches built up in layers. It started with the feather stitch in variegated thread. I added pistol stitches with the pale silver thread and then fly stitches with navy silk floss.

Beads or glitz to come later.

I started embellishing this block during SharonB's encrusted crazy quilting class in February. She's running the class again in November. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to check it out. Sharon includes tons of information and eye candy in her lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

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