Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Slow couple days

I have more stocking details to share, but don't have the posts ready yet.
I also plan to type up my current lists of in progress and planned projects to help me prioritize.
I have ideas for Sharon B's TIF challenge. She gave a color scheme and a concept to choose from. I'm going with the concept for now. It may develop into more than a month long project, so it may be better to do something simple with the color scheme, but we'll see how that goes. My original plan was to do a crazy quilt block each month for the challenge. This month's challenge concept is who do I look up to and admire and why? My first thoughts were more along the lines of an art quilt. I have since made some notes in a journal. I'm still taking notes here and there and trying to brainstorm ideas for symbols to use. I'm going with my husband as the person I admire. He's my hero, my knight in shining armor. I can't imagine anyone better.

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