Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stocking Detail 36

The pink seam along the bottom is sewn with hand dyed silk/cashmere knitting yarn. First I did the Portuguese knotted stem stitch and then groups of three pistil stitches along the top.
The upper right seam is palestrina stitch with detached chains along both sides. It was sewn with Caron waterlilies silk floss.
The motif was made with peacock feathers whipped down with pink floss.


Candi said...

Love your stitching!! You've also been tagged by me for the "You Make My Day" Award:) The rules are on my blog.

Susan said...

What unusual "thread" that seam is. Looks beautiful! It's an heirloom stocking.

Gerry said...

Oh've been tagged twice! And even if you can't respond to every tag, please know that I really do enjoy your blog. I should comment more often (shame, shame) but I do visit regularly!