Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stocking Details

The closer I get to being organized and settled, the more stitching mojo I find. It helps that my littlest angel has developed a bed time routine and is getting to sleep before I'm exhausted. I added another motif and some layering on a couple of seams. For the first bit, I added beads and sequins to the bovine princess seam. The sequins are not obvious unless you look very closely. They're only 2mm and a bead was used to sew each one on. Some of them are hiding behind the silk ribbon loops, but they help the ribbons stay flowing in the right direction.

For the other seam addition, I used metallic threads, burgundy and gold, doubled so that I was stitching with four threads. I added a running stitch along the center curve and detached chains with straight stitches in the dips along the sides. I wonder, though, if those look more like elongated fly stitches.

The motif is a trio of thread crocheted flowers. One was made with cotton pearl, most likely a number 8, but possibly 12. The other two were made with a fine silk/cashmere knitting yarn. All of the threads were dyed by me before the crocheting. I used the newer DMC linen floss to make the French knot centers. I really like the feel of the linen floss and enjoy stitching with it. It behaves very well.


JoWynn Johns said...

All lovely details. I could see the little sequins and beads easily. They work so well with the ribbon. In the second shot, all the stitches look like fly stitches to my eye. Very nice. And the flowers are beautiful.

Mojo? I'll say!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous work on the stockings. I love the tiny sequins. I only bought one color on my last order and will have to get some more. They are so handy!

Candi said...

I love what you've done on the seams, everything just looks beautiful. I just started using the sequins and love them!