Friday, March 02, 2007

CQ Class

I'm taking a class with Sharon B. to work on my design concepts. This is a 9" block I pieced some time ago when I was new to crazy quilting and working on my piecing techniques. The area that jumps out at me is three red patches together. I've outlined them in blue. They read as a big dark chunk instead of individual patches. It bothers me that there are no angles across the top right corner. As a result the block looks lopsided. I plan to remedy this with a sweeping 'off the seam' treatment of meandering vines/florals where the green squiggles are.

The double green line is a seam I may emphasize with a linear seam treatment to separate the cream patches. The upper left corner seems to need a curved something, maybe lace or a doily across the corner. The green circle looks like a good place for a motif. The bottom right corner has several angles that may get curvy flowing seam treatments along the lines.

Most of this plan seems contradictory to the lesson suggestions. I'm not sure why it makes the block feel right. If there are dominant lines of directed tension, I'm missing them. Maybe that has to do with my piecing techniques or maybe it just feels right now and won't once the plan is put into action. Looking at it again, the seam along the shiny cream patch that intersects the double green line could be a dominant line. After rereading the lesson, the green circle looks like it should go slightly lower and to the left where the three shorter seams would intersect if they continued.

Maybe I just don't get it, but then again, maybe I'm just gifted with the talent to work intuitively. I'm curious what others think. Any comments?

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